Shares and asset valuations for tax purposes

The Shares and Assets Valuations (SAV) team is a special section of HRMC that deals with enquiries in respect of the valuations of unquoted shares – shares of companies which are not quoted, listed or traded on the stock exchange for taxation purposes. 

The office also deals with other asset valuations including:

  • intangible assets (for example intellectual property, trademarks, patents, goodwill)
  • foreign shares
  • bloodstock
  • chattels
  • foreign residential property
  • boats, aircraft and a range of other assets

Valuations are required in many circumstances including acquisitions, disposals, issue of certain share options and transfers as a gift or upon death. Requests for valuations should be sent initially by post. HMRC will only email you with confidential information if given written agreement that they can do so. The SAV office can also help with Post Transaction Valuation Checks for the disposal of assets.

The SAV does not provide valuations for:

  • aircraft
  • bloodstock (for example, racehorses and livestock herds)
  • boats
  • chattels (such as antiques, art and jewellery)
  • foreign residential property
  • foreign shares
  • intangible assets (such as intellectual property, trademarks, patents and goodwill)
  • negligible value claims
  • quoted and unquoted shares
Source:HM Revenue & Customs| 02-04-2023